Six Word Saturday

I have a cold; I’m useless.



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5 responses to “Six Word Saturday

  1. Improbable Joe

    Only one of those is new information…

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it! 🙂

  2. Hope you’re feeling much better by now.

  3. L B

    Another day of rest. Chicken soup.

  4. I love you, too, Joe! : P

    Kwizgiver, I woke this morning feeling better than I did yesterday. Still not great, but I didn’t feel the need to sub out my yoga classes, so that’s something.

    LB, though I’ve not had any actual chicken soup yet, the amount of liquid I have consumed since becoming aware of the approach of this bug has been staggering. It’s a wonder I’ve not drowned myself, really.

  5. needsatimeout

    I have this strange “phantom cold” as my mom likes to call it I wake up feeling blah and by the end of the day I am dragging but during the day I feel pretty healthy but lacking a ton of energy. When I was in my 20’s my mom used to say “If I gave you 100 dollars and said go shopping would you feel up to that task?” If the answer was no then I allowed myself to chill out for the day.

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