Monday Meme

I’m thinking that this meme thing is getting old. Until I have time to properly think, though, I’m going to keep it as a feature; Mondays can be hard enough as it is without adding the pressure of creativity to the mix.

Stolen, as is my habit, from the delightful Kwizgiver:

1. Are you in a job that you truly enjoy? I truly, truly am.

2. If you could do any job in the world what would it be? I was thinking today, as I brought my kids to a field trip to the University library, that a university librarian might be a good gig.

3. If you could be a character in a novel who would you be? Claire Beauchamp Randall Fasier.

4. When it comes to spending time with those you love, do you think it should be about quality or quantity? DEFINITELY quality; it’s the only thing we have any control over.

5. Is there a job/career you wanted but realized you couldn’t possibly do for one reason or another? I wanted to be an ASL professional – specifically a teacher with a side gig as an interpreter – but that avenue didn’t open up sufficiently for me to make it happen.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world or out of this world where would you live? It would be a toss up between Scotland (I feel inexplicably drawn to the land of my forefathers), or someplace tropical like the islands or someplace white and sparkling on the shores of the Mediterranean.

7. Where would you most like to visit and who with? I want to visit Europe with my husband. I also feel the need to go to Auschwitz, but I’d want to do that with other colleagues.

8. Which skill would you like to learn? I would like to learn to knit. I started dabbling in it this summer, but dropped it when my television time was curtailed because of work (it was something I did in the down time, which I’ve not had much of lately)

9. What made you laugh today? I got to have dinner with my friend and mentor (see Teacher’s Education for a post about that). She always makes me laugh.

10. What are you looking forward to tomorrow? Getting through it. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my “hard” days at work.

11. What is your sign and do you believe in horoscopes etc? I’m a Capricorn (and, for all indications, a pretty spot-on one). I don’t believe in horoscopes, though; they’re WAY too general to be useful

12. If you could change one thing about your life thus far, what would it be? I would have given up on my biologicals the first time I gave them up, and not tried to make it work.

13. If there was one charity you could give a huge contribution to, which charity would it be and why? That’s a tough question. I’d need to do a lot of research before I gave a huge contribution; I’m too skeptical of the way charities handle their money.

14. Should smoking be legal? Of course it should be, but I am ALL OVER the bans on smoking in public.

15. What are your views on the smoking ban in public places? Did you not just hear me say that I’m ALL OVER the smoking bans? LOVE them.

16. Why do you blog? If I didn’t write, I’d explode. Plus, I like having a document of my life (and my thinking) to look back on.

17. Do you have a favorite author? No, I have many.

18. Can you play any musical instruments? I don’t suppose the radio counts as an instrument? No? I didn’t think so….

19. What would your ideal car be? I own it already; I am deeply, abidingly in love with my ’06 VW Golf. Black, 4 doors, 5 speeds, heated seats, sunroof, and now that I have a bluetooth radio and cool cargo system, thanks to my husband, it truly is perfect.

20. Describe yourself in one short sentence. I am genuinely, truly, and earnestly trying my best to be the highest expression of myself.

21. What do you look for in a spouse/other half? Kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, funniness.

22. Worst meal you’ve had? I still have nightmares about some of the boil-in-bag meals served to me as a child.

23. What do you do to relax in the evening? Play words with friends, read, watch tv.

24. Do you get along with your siblings? Gratefully, yes; Auntie and I have a great relationship, though I do wish I got to see her more often.

25. Do you have any regrets? I wish I hadn’t invited my biologicals to my wedding. Other than that, I’m pretty good with all of it.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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