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Ten Things Tuesday


1. I’m offering vibrations of gratitude to Rick for reassuring me that I really am understanding a couple of things correctly. Thank you, Honey, for talking me off my little ledge this afternoon.

2. I find it interesting that, when asked to back up their claims with actual evidence, a lot of people- especially students – go strangely and stunningly silent.

3. I’m going to a meet and greet with a democratic candidate for my state’s governor’s office on Monday. I’m looking forward to it.

4. My baby Bean is going to be THIRTEEN on Friday. THIR-TEEN! Holy crap! We’re holding another climbing gym party for her on Friday night; I’m ordering pizza and making another dirt cake for the occasion.

5. My beloved sister sent me a recording of peepers this evening. Aside from the fact that it’s WICKED cool that we can send little audio memos, she heard PEEPERS! That, my friends, is the official harbinger of spring in these parts! Yippee!

6. We had Martin and Nancy to the house for dinner tonight. It was lovely to spend time with them again, and I’m reminded of how precious Martin’s friendship is to me. I am blessed to have a place in this kind and generous man’s life.

7. I wrote a letter to one of my state’s assholes “representatives” this afternoon, exhorting him to drop his efforts to overturn our marriage equality law.  I do not expect the honor of a reply.

8.  I have LOVED the weather the last few days.  I’m hoping that it lasts.

9.  I discovered, just this evening, in fact, that my spinach artichoke dip makes an astoundingly good sauce with baked chicken.  Mmmmm!

10.  Parent-student-teacher conferences start tomorrow.  A remarkable percentage of our student body is failing their classes (one kid holds the record of tanking in 7 different classes).  I plan to do a lot of yoga breathing and chanting “their choices, not mine….. their choices, not mine” over the next few days.  Wish me luck.


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