Quick Hit: 77

It’s was a gorgeous day today.  After yoga (from which I drove home with the windows opened), we headed out to buy Bean her new bike (she’d managed to outgrow her old one) and had lunch outdoors at Panera.  After that, we came home and, while Mr. Chili was getting all out bicycles in order, I vacuumed my car. I managed to get some cleaning done indoors, as well – my kitchen is beautiful now – and got a little reading done; I am really loving this novel.  It was a good day here at Chez Chili; I hope it was so for you, as well.


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  1. L B

    Worked at work a bit this morning. BEW has been working 24/7 for a few weeks now. This warm weather has brought the turf insects surging and marching North so we’re pretty busy. Lunch today with friends at a great new Asian/Fusion food/tea shop in local college town. It’s Spring break for students so we locals can actually enjoy a meal at a local place without waiting in line for an hour. I spent 7 hours at a tai Chi workshop yesterday and for the first time, I was not totally gassed at the end. Spent three hours in the garden today and I am totally gassed. Ready for a condo? Yup, sign me up, that 55 and older kind. We’ve been walking some around our flat little 1 mile block but the local little up hill style state park trail is beckoning.

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