Monday Meme

From my favorite dealer, Kwizgiver.
1. Which TV character do you think you are most like?  That’s a hard one.  I know what MOVIE character I’m like – I feel a strong kinship with Leigh Anne from The Blind Side

– but I’m not so sure who I’d be on t.v.  Punk couldn’t say, either.  Any of you who know me in real life have a suggestion?

2) What time do you go to bed? That depends.  In the winter, I go to bed (too) early; it’s dark out early in the winter, and that’s my cue to hit the sheets.  As the sun stays out longer, so do I (unless I have a good book.  The week I was reading 11/22/63, I went to bed two nights in a row at about 6:30).

3) What was the last meal you made from scratch? I make most of my meals from scratch.  I put together a pot of chicken pot pie the other night, and I made myself a yummy green salad with homemade chicken salad for lunch the other day.

4) What is your favorite type of music?  Rock, mostly, though a lot of what I like falls into the pop-rock genre.

5) In what position do you sleep?  I know I fall asleep on my left side, right knee up, left hand jammed under my pillow.

6) What is your first memory? I remember my grandparents’ above ground pool collapsing when I was four.  They were sitting with my father under the deck of the thing (in the shade) while I played in the yard when it just gave out.  I escaped the ensuing flood by climbing onto a boulder upon which my grandfather had fastened a ceramic doe.  No one was seriously hurt, but my grandmother was pretty bruised up.

7) What is your least favorite smell?  Vomit; without question.

8) It’s your round at the pub and your friends asked you to surprise them. What drink would you buy and why? depends on what we’ve already been drinking–but my go-to drink is a Midori sour.  Yummy!

9) What was the last thing you read/watched that made you cry?  I welled up at this:

Also?  The scene from The Blind Side that I posted above gets me every time.

10) They say that you learn something new every day. What was the last thing you have learned?  I learned that it’s probably a good idea for me to close out my applications and shut down my computer at night.

11) Which Literary love interests would you snog, marry and avoid. I would snog and marry Jamie Frasier and I would avoid Mr. Rochester.

12) What is your oldest memory? I think I answered it in #6… right?

13) Paperback, Hardback or Kindle? Which of these is your favorite reading format and why?  In order, it’s a dead-even tie between paperbacks and e-books.  I like paperbacks for their price and portability, and I like e-books for their space-saving and my ability to read them comfortably in bed.  I tend to avoid hardcovers if I can get away with it; they’re bulky and expensive.

14) If you could bring back any canceled TV series for another run what would you pick and why?   The West Wing, without question. Intelligent, witty, and inspiring, which is exactly what I need more of when I think about politics.


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  1. Donna

    Mrs. Chili,
    My daughter and I just watched Blind Side Sunday (3rd time)! It was extra special because she asked me to watch it with her. I could tell you related to Leigh Anne through your posts. Thanks for sharing.

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