Ten Things Tuesday

Ten voices I really love.

1.  James Earl Jones.  Seriously; I could listen to that man read the phone book and be contented for the evening.

2.  Morgan Freeman.  He’s another one; I don’t care what he’s saying, I just love to hear him say it.

3.  Oleta Adams.  This woman has a beautiful voice; there’s something about it that intrigues me, but I can’t quite put my finger on what that thing is.

4 Johnny Cash.  Classic, strong, and self-assured.

5.  Susan Stamberg from NPR.  Her voice always has an undercurrent of humor in it, and I have the feeling that I’d like her very much if I met her.

6.  Sarah McLachlan.  She has a voice like velvet; rich and deep and soft.

7.  Liam Neeson.  I particularly loved him as Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

8.  Queen Latifah.  Her voice is lovely and smooth, like melted chocolate.

9.  Patrick Stewart.  I mean, really; how is this even a question?

10.  Sam Elliott.  Sadly, he’s spending most of his time peddling trucks, but it doesn’t matter; I’d listen to him all day.



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    What a great list. I totally agree with your choices. I like my dad’s voice, too–his singing voice and his speaking voice. He does some work for the local TV station and every time I hear him I stop and listen.

  2. nhfalcon

    Oh, wow – great list and great topic!

    Earl Jones, Freeman, Stewart, and Elliott (GREAT pick!) are givens, to me.

    I might add a trio from the LotR films (shocking, I know 🙂 ) – Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving, and Christopher Lee.

    Dennis Haysbert would be up there, too. Sean Connery. Judi Dench. Lee Marvin had a great voice. James Garner, maybe? Tommie Lee Jones. Ann Wilson from Heart for a female singer. Steve Perry and Brad Delp for male ones.

    Boy, this could go on for a while…

  3. Terry

    Have you seen the movie “Living Out Loud”? Queen Latifah plays a jazz singer in it, and so the soundtrack is AMAZING!

  4. Barry White and Kris Kristofferson for me.

  5. I know I’m almost always a verdammte contrarian, so I may as well continue to be. I don’tmake much of voices, except when it comes to singing, where the voice becomes another instrument (or the only one, if it’s a capella). I actually, still on the subject of vocal music, don’t pay all that much attention to lyrics most of the time. The lyrics are part of the musical gestalt to me, they embody elements of tempo and structure.

    Aside from music, when it comes to voices, I’m much more of a content guy. Yes, I can recognize that James Earl Jones has a deep mellifluous voice, but if he’s not uttering something worth hearing, I really don’t make much of it or care to hear him speak. Perhaps, deep in my psyche or something, is an aversion to demagoguery. My quick example would be Dennis Haysbert and his omnipresent Allstate commercials (where he utters scripted half-truths). I vaguely recall that James Earl Jones did one or more TV ads.

    Still on the subject of Haysbert. His show “The Unit” was the first I recall where during the commercial breaks, one of the actors in the show was flogging some product (Allstate). I’ve seen more of it since, and I don’t like it. I will admit to a general antipathy to celebrities doing commercial work, praising some product or service in return for money, as though I’m stupid enough to rely on their completely insincere hucksterism in my buying choices.

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