Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Unwashed Horde

I’m musing about some pretty staggering stuff going on in my brain right now, and in a conversation with Kizz, she pointed out that I should go watch Braveheart.  Wallace “doesn’t actually fight all those gory (badly shot) battles by himself,” she said.  “He spends way more time with his unwashed friends than he does with the Brits.

Would all my precious, unwashed friends please pipe up?  I need to know that I’m not out here, dirty and painted blue, screaming and waving a stick at the approaching infantry, all by myself.



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10 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Unwashed Horde

  1. kizzbeth

    I’m out here. Waiting for you to reply to me on IM. 🙂

  2. Improbable Joe

    Ummmm… can you really smell my unwashed body from there? Wow…

  3. While I haven’t been following the deluge of information out there regarding the changes happening in the US, here are some things I agree with, as said by Chris Hayes on The Rachel Maddow Show: The culture is changing. Republicans have been pushed more extreme because of the rights they have won in the past. The extremists have been pushed so far right, they have alienated even the marginally right wing voter. In New Hampshire, the same-sex marriage ban was voted down, with Republicans on both sides of the debate: for and against same-sex marriage. Even with a Republican majority in the house, the bill was vetoed. Regarding the Trayvon Martin case, Jeb Bush signed in the law in Florida in 2005 regarding protection of property: essentially shoot first, ask questions later. Dennis Baxley, the law’s author, has now commented that “he may seek changes to [his own] law.” Republicans seem to be creating a schizm within their own party.

    Chili, you have the right to be angry, confused, and befuddled. You don’t seem to be alone in this. This upcoming presidential election will be an interesting one, and God help you if a Republican gets into office.

  4. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately that I’ve been coming off as “vitriolic” and angry. I AM angry, but more than that, I’m scared witless. Kizz pointed out this afternoon that fear is a terrible place from which to operate, and I’m betting that my enthusiasm for these subjects, which has been motivated and fueled by that fear, is what others are reading as rage and bitterness. I need to figure out how to stop being so afraid so that I can begin to present my case(s) more calmly. I don’t expect the MESSAGES to change, but perhaps the tenor of my delivery can be moderated.

    • Improbable Joe

      Bullshit, kiddo. The majority of Americans agree with you on just about everything. You’re getting feedback from people who disagree with you and have no argument against you besides complaining about your tone, and worthless cowards who agree with you but who are so spineless that they cannot accept anyone being correct if they also offend the bad guys. Those are the morons/demons who stupidly preach about being “bipartisan”.

  5. Kwizgiver

    What are you wearing under your kilt? 😉

  6. Rowan

    We’re here…you are not alone!

  7. Kagen Alexander

    For what it’s worth, I think Joe’s right.

    I’m starting to suffer what you call “asshole poisoning,” too (I love that, and have stolen it for my own. Thanks!). Of course, I live in the midwest, which means I’m surrounded by a bunch of poorly-educated Fox “news” devotees. Luckily, I have a couple of allies at work and a husband who yells at the t.v. and radio as much as I do.

  8. L B

    I also have a partner that yells at the telly. When we cook frozen food, her portion had always been on the right side of the pan, not that that logic applies any longer. I get the toaster oven! She’s always been a lesbian, but now she’s a democrat too! You have a stick! Fight the battle. Give a girl a stick, she’ll put it down and talk. Give a boy a stick, and he has a weapon he’ll call a gun. I understand that your mind is awhirl, still, you have words, and they will come to you to use as best you are able when you are able to use them.You are loved. Take a breathe, sink into peace, rest, and be loved. Teach.

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