Quick Hit: Brewing

I’m musing about a post, but I haven’t had 5 free minutes to sit and compose it.  It’s centered around two things; one is a discussion I had with Gerry about the use of the word “rape” when referring to the forced transvaginal ultrasound hoo-ha, and the other is this quote from Rachel Maddow while she was being interviewed on Fresh Air:

“People who disagree on important issues don’t agree on the facts,” she says. “It used to be that we disagreed over the basic facts we were fighting over, and we had different opinions about them. Now I think we accept different sources of authority. … And people can establish credibility on their own say-so as long as nobody follows the trail and calls them out on it.”

Give me a few days to collate my thinking about this, but in the meantime, if you have any comments or avenues of thought you’d like me to pursue, please say so.  I would appreciate any input anyone would care to give.



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6 responses to “Quick Hit: Brewing

  1. Improbable Joe


    “If one side compromises and the other doesn’t, you can always ignore the compromisers since they’ll never get anything they claim to want”

  2. Joe, you’re not wrong. I’m bumping up against an awful lot of obduracy lately, and it’s starting to really piss me off.

  3. Improbable Joe

    Which leads to the idea of “clarity of purpose”… someone who simply wants to “win at any cost” will usually beat people who want to “achieve the best possible outcome for all involved, balancing the different needs and wants of various groups, while using compromise to form consensus where possible.”

    As a teacher, I’m sure your classroom goal looks something like “provide the best education for the most students possible, balancing the need for basic and even remedial teaching for some students with the need to keep the more advanced students challenged and stimulated, all while following the school’s curriculum guidelines and maintaining an open and mutually respectful atmosphere.” If another teacher’s goal is “maximize test scores by whatever means necessary” and next year’s raises are based on test scores, guess who is going to be bringing home the bigger paycheck? Not just because ity is a different goal, but because when your goal is to win, you throw away all the balance and most of the rules and that streamlined approach usually wins, usually at the expense of everyone else.

  4. In the first paragraph of your comment, Joe, you speak sooth.

  5. Chili: I can’t recall the discussion.

  6. Some people use the term ‘facts’ too loosely. People don’t disagree on facts, they disagree on deciphering of language and moral values.

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