Quick Hit: No Longer a Virgin

My beloved school daughter dragged me to see Titanic (in 3D, no less!) this afternoon.

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I have to admit to going grudgingly; I mean, we know how it ends, right?  I also have to admit  that it was pretty okay; there were a couple of parts that I wasn’t expecting, and I really liked the very end.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to spend THREE AND A QUARTER HOURS… and my baby is happy that I’ve finally seen the damned movie.

Now, if I can just get that fucking Celine Dion song out of my head…..



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5 responses to “Quick Hit: No Longer a Virgin

  1. Saw it in the theater when it first came out. Hated it.

  2. Rick, you’ll notice the lukewarm “it was okay” praise. I didn’t HATE it, but I feel as though one viewing is more than sufficient.

  3. I thought the documentaries on the history channel were FAR better.

  4. Improbable Joe

    I’ve still never seen it, and if I’m lucky I never will. And that shitty song!

  5. I’m so over this Titanic crap. Many thousands of ships have been lost at sea over the centuries, many deaths, many sad stories, many tragedies. I never have gotten why the Titanic inspires such interest.

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