Monday Meme

1. What was the last thing that you begged for? I begged my students to buckle down and get to work (this was Kwizgiver’s answer, but it’s also mine).

2. Have you ever lost a best friend after a fight?  No, but I have lost best friends quietly and with little fanfare.  I have been hurt and confused by that…

3. When was the last time you just wanted to be invisible?  I can’t remember, though I am familiar with the feeling of being where I shouldn’t be (as in witnessing something private or unpleasant).

4. Which room of your home tends to be the messiest?  Ugh.  The kitchen; without question.  Of course, when it gets carefully cleaned, it’s also one of the prettiest rooms in my house, so there’s balance in the Universe.

5. You are to be locked in a room forever with a celebrity. You get to choose. Who do you pick?  First of all, it’s WHOM do you pick.  Secondly, this is a ridiculous question.  I don’t have celebrity crushes, and I certainly don’t want to be locked in a room forever with anyone.  I’d take some time to spend with President Obama, though, or perhaps Maya Angelou.

6. Has someone ever left another person to be with you?   No, but I’ve been left so the person could be with someone else.

7. What’s been kind of a drag for you lately?   Students.  We’re nearing the end of the school year, and they’re collectively and individually falling apart.

8. How are you different from your (current or most recent) significant other?  I’m much more impulsive and spontaneous than my husband, who’s a planner and and a researcher.

9. What is the most perverted thing someone has ever said to you?  Um… I don’t know.  I do know that I spend time with a lot of really clever people who are able to effortlessly sling puns and innuendo, though.  I love that about my friends.



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2 responses to “Monday Meme

  1. lovindmutts

    I heard once that the pun is one of the higher forms of humor, and as much as a lot of people groan at them, I have to agree- to devise AND understand a pun, a certain level of language knowledge has be present. Smarts IS hott!

  2. Your kids are pretty good at that slinging!

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