Ten Things Tuesday

We’re getting ready to go to Florida for vacation next week.  On Mr. Chili’s suggestion (because I couldn’t come up with a really compelling Ten Things list), I’m writing a list of ten things I’m looking forward to doing (or not) on vacation:

1.  Reading.  I have a couple of books going right now, and I’m looking forward to knocking back most – or all – of them while I’m away.

2.  Sleeping in.  I’ll probably wake up early all on my own, but I’ll enjoy waking up without an alarm.

3.  Walking.  I’ve been wanting to get some moving done, but the combination of weather and other commitments have kept me from getting a whole lot of exercise lately.  I’m looking forward to walking Gerry’s neighborhood again; I enjoyed doing that while I was there in February.

4.  Eating.  I’m going to be doing that exercise so that I can eat whatever the hell I want.  I may even try to track down some deep fried bacon this time around.

5.  Recreating.  I have no idea what we’ll be doing while we’re there – we haven’t made any solid plans yet, though I do think that Mr. Chili is hoping to get to Sea World so he can ride the Manta roller coaster – but I have every intention of enjoying myself while I’m doing it.

6.  Unplugging.  While I’ll still be blogging (I’m addicted; I can’t help it), I’m going to do the best that I can at disconnecting from the news of the world.  My attention is not required for the world to go to hell, so it can go on without me.

7.  Sunning.  Not TOO much, mind you – Chilis tend to stay out of the sun because we’re prone to burning, me especially – but I am going to try to get some measured exposure.

8.  Breathing.  I am probably going to bring my yoga mat – since we’re bringing the car, I don’t have too many space restrictions, so I can bring the thing along even if I never use it – but I AM going to focus on relaxing.  I’ve been carrying around a lot of tension lately, and I’m going to practice mindfully releasing it.

9.  Shopping.  When I was there in February, Mimi and BlueMoon brought me to a couple of really lovely shops.  At one of them, I bought a couple of sample sized containers of salts and spices, and there are at least two of them that I want to replenish with full sized versions.  Three words, People: Truffle.  Sea.  Salt.

10.  Loving.  I’m going with my family to my family.  The TwoBlueDays are the family of my heart, and I’m looking forward to being in their presence again.  I’m also hoping to spend some time with Bob (aka DUDE!), as well.  Coincidentally, he moved to Gerry’s general neighborhood in January, and his family (which, also coincidentally, includes my school son) is coming to see him next week, too.  I’m hoping we can arrange a pool day where all 10 of us can be together for a no-stress, laid-back afternoon.



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Sounds like a great vacation plan!

  2. L B

    Have a great time of loving and being loved, you have family that you love and loves you just the same, and you are extending that this trip. Nothing but good juju love from our house!

  3. Looking forward to it! I haven’t taken my camera(s) to Sea World in a long time.

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