Nearly Wordless Wednesday

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I felt compelled, today, to rededicate myself to these principles.  I have a great deal of love and compassion to offer; I think that’s a better use of my energy than fuming in bootless rage.



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4 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Beautiful sentiment.

  2. Improbable Joe

    … or you could buy boots? And to be fair, the rage is also an expression of love and compassion when it comes down to it.

  3. Face it- the rage is what gets us going, often. It’s the compassionate among us who find means of action in order to “adjust” the triggers and make the world a better place. Those who are compassionate AND powerful ragers- SUPERHEROES.

  4. Reblogged this on thedailyblisspursuit and commented:
    Although I sort of countered this blogger’s post, I really was attempting a complementary tone. The sentiment for this blogger’s “Nearly Wordless Wednesday” this week is a good one, and I especially enjoyed seeing the image and quote- not one I was very familiar with until now.

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