Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things on Chili’s to-do list:

1.  Compose a letter.  I have some important things to say to someone important, and I want to make sure I get it just right.  It may not make a difference to them, but it matters to me.

2.  Assess senior portfolios.  I have to go through all the seniors’ English submissions before the end of the week.  I’ll be doing that, to the exclusion of all other school work, tomorrow during my planning and study hall periods.

3.  Register the girls for tennis lessons.  I wonder if I can do that over the phone?

4.  Schedule a haircut.  A girlfriend gifted me a spa haircut, and I love the way I look.  I can’t afford $60 bucks for a cut, though, so I’m going to go to my girl to see if she can recreate it.

5.  Get Puck’s oil changed.  She’s due for an oil change and check up; because she’s registered under Mr. Chili’s birthday,  she’ll need the whole work-up this month, which leads me to….

6.  Register the cars.  I need to see if I can get Puck’s registration changed to January, though, so we’re not paying upwards of $500 bucks every May to get the cars legal…

7.  Catch up on my sleep.  For all the work I have to do, I need to sleep more.  Last night, the first night in my own bed in 10 days, was wonderful.  A couple more nights like that ought to do it.

8.  Find friend time.  I need to spend some time with my capital-G Girlfriends, specifically O’Mama and my neighbor (who I’ll call Hillary here).  I also miss Lori; I’m going to fire off an email and see if she can clear a dinner date with me.

9.  Get to the bank.  I have a reimbursement check I need to deposit, and I can’t make sense of one of my statements.  If I have the fortitude, I may call and ask what’s going on.

10.  Plan.  We have about 8 weeks of school left, and I want to make those as smooth as possible.  I’m going to be doing some writing with the students – I don’t know if I can get another novel into them in that time, especially the seniors – but I also don’t want to bury myself in their papers.  Hmmmm… maybe some movies are in order?


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