Ten Things Tuesday

The “comfort food” edition.  It’s rainy and chilly here in New England, it’s been this way – with the exception of a one-and-a-half day break – for a week, and it’s forecast to stay that way for several more days.  I’m in need of some comfort, so here are 10 things that make me exhale:

1.  My bed.  I have a particular affinity for my bed; it really is my favorite spot in the house.  I make it with impossibly soft sheets, a down comforter, and my favorite foam pillows, and it smells comfortingly of sleep.

2.  Hugs.  I’m very fond of long, earnest embraces that make me feel safe and cherished.

3.  Grilled cheese and soup.  I make my favorite rainy-day dinner with Progresso Hearty Tomato soup and a golden grilled cheese sandwich that consists of fresh mozzarella gently melted between two slices of generously buttered and garlic-salted Canadian white bread.

4.  Junk t.v.  When I’m feeling like I am now – low and depleted and in need of a time-out – one of my favorite things to do is to curl up on the couch (under a feather comforter) and watch t.v.  I TiVo Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice – two soap opera shows that hold little interest for the rest of my family – and I usually watch them while I’m folding laundry.  On days like today, though, I bet I could knock off half a season in a single sitting.

5.  The Tallis Scholars.  I have NO idea how I discovered this group of singers who studies and performs ancient music, but I’m beyond glad that I did.  I have several of their CDs, and they’re in my yoga music rotation.  I find myself reaching for them on my iPod when I’m overly stressed; I’ll plug myself into them during bumpy plane rides or when I really need to disengage from something happening outside of me.

6.  Cleaning.  Strangely, I find some housekeeping chores soothing, both in the doing of them and in the completion of them.  I can meditate to watering my plants or to washing my dishes (or, as I mentioned above, in folding laundry).  There’s something about putting my environment in order that I find deeply satisfying, though I have to be in the right space energetically for that to work.  Today isn’t one of those days.

7.  Reading.  A good book that can transport me from where I am is always a delight, but never more so than when I really want to escape.  I tend to find myself drawn to old favorites during times like that, though, and it’s then that I contemplate picking up Outlander again.

8.  Watching movies, especially intimately familiar movies.  The Last Samurai, Apollo 13, The Hunt for Red October, Dances with Wolves; anything that I can recite by heart.

9.  Hot showers in my own bathroom.  As I was making my way home from Virginia, I was texting with my neighbor.  We were chatting about the comforts of home, and she asked me what I was most looking forward to.  My answer at the time was “my shower” (though “my bed” was a VERY close second).  I have no idea why, but there’s something about my shower – the way the water comes from the fixture, or the way the water feels, or something – that is profoundly comforting for me (and I know it’s not the products, because I bring most of those with me when I travel).

10.  Chocolate.  I think I might ask Mr. Chili to prepare a pan of brownies for me tonight (and yes, I’ll share…)

I sincerely hope that you’re feeling better than I am.  Happy Tuesday, Everyone.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Oh, thank you for introducing me to the Tallis Scholars!

  2. Aren’t they sublime, Kwizgiver?

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