Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things that have caught my attention this week:



I’m ashamed that shit like this is happening in my legislature.

3.There is SO much wrong out there….

4. I’m working on reminding myself of this.

5.  This was the card I received from Sweet Pea for Mother’s Day.  She is no longer my “school daughter.”  She’s my chosen daughter.

6.  We’re coming around the final turn of the 2011-12 school year.  I’m both excited and overwhelmed.

7.  8.  My neighbor is actually really good at this.

9.I’m working on being more positive

10.  This makes me feel hopeful.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Inspirational. Moving. ❤

  2. L B

    #4, I am enough. My practice brings change for me, and that changes my world. If only we all had a practice that covered this, and well we all should have that practice. Just sayin’.
    #5, I’m glad that people like you are there for this parentless student. Mrs. Chili, you have made a difference for this student and for our society. We need thinkers to be parents and it seems like you’ve got a good one there. They will raise their children based on your role model as a parent. Nice work, they will all be fine.
    #8 I still want that solid look in the eye and the love that comes from knowing how frail life can be, that place of being afraid and hoping for some help. We all need that, everyday. Be brave and carry that eye contact into the world. Comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable. Nice work when we can get it. I am still , and always, amazed by you and your blog. Thank you.

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