Ten Things Tuesday

Ten ways I unplug (because, MAN!  I’ve needed to unplug lately…)

1.  Movies.  We went to see MIB3 this weekend, and I heartily enjoyed myself.  I hadn’t been able to switch my gears for nearly a week, so the two hours or so I spent lost in another story (and giggling periodically) was a welcomed respite.

2.  Singing in the car.  Loudly.

3.  Long, hot showers.  Mr. Chili teases me that he can tell when I’m stressed out because when I emerge from the shower, my butt is pink and my shingles scar is glowing.  Something about scrubbing clean and rinsing hot makes me feel, even for just a little while, that I can scrape all the ugly off.

4.  Solitaire.  I only know how to play two games, and I prefer to play them on my phone (no cards to reset), but I find I can play for a good half hour before I realize I’ve lost that much time.

5.  Imgfave and Pinterest.  These things?  Black holes for entire afternoons.  Seriously.  I’m getting some great stuff for my walls and computer and iPad backgrounds, though…

6.  Cooking.  I wasn’t able to make cakes for the party this weekend (Mother Chili insisted on that job, and I didn’t have the energy to fight her for it), but Punk’s birthday is this Friday, so I’ll bake for her.  Cooking is therapy for me.

7.  Writing.  I haven’t done much of it yet – I’ve not really felt ready to get my thinking out of my head and on to the page – but it’s coming.

8.  Friends.  I’ve been well supported by my village, and it makes me want to weep with gratitude.

9.  Talking.  A lot of people (Mr. Chili leading the way) have done a lot of listening to me, and that’s helping me sort shit out.

10.  Reading.  I just enjoyed another trip through Octavia Butler’s Kindred and am looking forward to starting another novel tonight.


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