Ten Things Tuesday

Channel-surfing stoppers.

The other night, Mr. Chili came into the kitchen from the family room, looked at me, and spouted a quote from one of our favorite films.  It took me a second to catch the reference, though, as I had no context for it; for me, it came out of the blue.  I quickly put together that he’d found the movie while channel surfing, though, and came in to join him (throwing the DVD in as soon as the next commercial break).  Mr. Chili then suggested that this week’s Ten Things Tuesday be a list of films that stop us in our tracks whenever we’re channel surfing.  His wish is my command:

1.  Shooter.  That was the film Mr. Chili quoted from the other night, and it’s surprisingly easy to find this on television.  TNT’s been running it quite frequently lately.  The quote, in case you’re wondering, was “I don’t think you understand, these boys killed my dog.”

2.  I, Robot.  For some reason, I tend to find this during the attack scene in the tunnel.  I have no idea why, but that’s where the film is when I stumble on it.  “THE GODDAMN ROBOTS, JOHN!”

3.  Lord of the Rings.  We’ll stop on any of the three, wherever they are.

4.  Harry Potter.  Ditto these; any film, anywhere in the progression.  We’ve discovered that ABC Family runs extended editions, though, so we put up with commercials.  I’m waiting for the studios to release the directors’ cuts; I’m going to have to buy the whole series again (which brings me to…)

5.  Men in Black.  ‘I’m gonna have to buy the White Album again…”

6.  Dances with Wolves.  This one hasn’t been on the airwaves lately, but when it is – and if I find it – I’m pretty much guaranteed to watch to the first commercial then drop the extended edition DVD in the player and be unavailable for the next three hours.

7.  Hancock caught Mr. Chili the other day – he came in right when Hancock drops the hoodlums’ car on the spire of the sky scraper.  I love, love, LOVE the scene where Jason Bateman’s character is trying to convince the board to join his cause.  “We can save the world,” he says, “someone’s just gotta go first.”  Indeed.

8.  Either of the Bale Batman movies.  I stumbled across Batman Begins a couple of weeks ago – at the scene where Wayne burns down the Ghul’s mountaintop compound – and was pretty much hooked.  I haven’t seen The Dark Knight on the t.v. in a while, but the last time I did, I caught it right where Ledger’s Joker was dressed as a nurse.  Creepy.

9.  Avatar.  The last time I caught this one, it was damned near the opening scene of the film, so I dropped the DVD in and invited the girls to come crash on the couch with me.

10.  Shawshank Redemption.  The last time this one caught us, we were in the prison yard and Andy was asking Red for a rock hammer.  God, we love that movie.

What about you?  What films stop you in your channel-surfing tracks?



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7 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Hilariously, again, almost none of these. Maybe Shawshank.

    Point Break – can’t freaking put it down.

    Funny, that’s the only thing I can think of right now. Since I’ve had the DVR I rarely channel surf so it’s out of my comfort zone to think about now. I do often get sucked into a marathon of any show, though. Prison Break, Burn Notice, Buffy, The Glades, almost anything.

  2. Aliens! That’s one I stop at all the time. And Terminator 2. I knew there was something big I was forgetting.

  3. I’ve been sucked into the Terminator movies, but I haven’t seen any of them on the airwaves lately.

  4. Brandon

    I was sucked into the latest Casino Royale a few weekends back. It was a pity that Quantum of Solace was such a disappointing follow-up. Hopefully Skyfall will get the series back on track this fall. I’m with you on 3, 6 and 10, especially 10.

  5. The hubby and I went to see MIB3 yesterday and it was a great end for the trilogy. I must say though, Tommy Lee Jones is looking mighty old. I’ll stop on any of the Addams Family movies, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, or Clue. Classics all. Plus Clueless is one of my guilty pleasures.
    For a good cry, Ordinary People or Nell. Gets me every time. I’m bawling like Tammy Fay.

  6. nhfalcon

    I’m with you on Shooter, LotR (duh! 🙂 ), and the Bale Batman films. I really only liked the first two Harry Potters. None of the other films on your list really do it for me. Two that I would add, though, would be the two Iron Man flicks.

    “They say the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I say it’s the weapon you only have to fire ONCE!” 🙂

  7. Just last weekend, Bravo channel showed Ocean’s Eleven and I watched it over and over. 🙂

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