Ten Things Tuesday

I got to spend a little time on my back deck this afternoon, between coming home late from work and heading out to Bowyer’s for an impromptu cook-out, and was struck by the really lovely scent of the air. Here, then, are ten summer things I like to sniff:

1. Damp earth. I love the smell of hot ground after a soaking rain. While it didn’t rain today, the humidity is creeping up, and the smell is kind of the same.

2. Fresh strawberries. I have a planter full of strawberries on the back deck, and I’m watching day by day as one particularly lovely specimen ripens.

3.   Cut grass. While I didn’t appreciate my neighbor’s ancient lawn mower churning away, I do like the perfume of newly mown grass.

4. Burgers on the grill. I anticipate smelling this at my friends’ house tonight.

5. The sea. If the wind is blowing just right and the tide is in, I can smell the ocean from my house. I love that.

6. Coming thunderstorms. I can TOTALLY smell a thunderstorm coming. Ditto a snowstorm, though I like these signficantly less.

7. Watermelon. Love the stuff. Just cubed half a melon to bring to Bowyer’s. I suspect I’ll sneak some before we get there.

8. Chlorine. Believe it or not, I like the smell of a clean pool.

9. Sunscreen. There’s something evocative about the smell of sunscreen. Mr. Chili and I joke that it’s probably an aphrodisiac…

10.  Roasted marshmallows.  I love the warm, vanilla scent of hot marshmallows, especially combined with the peculiar, earthy smell of the lake where we vacation for a week in August.

Now pardon me; I’m going to go back outside and practice some deep breathing…


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