Quick Hit: Brave

We’re on our way to a matinee.  I NEED to see this movie.

I need to disconnect for an hour or so, and I need to feel empowered; I have a fight ahead of me, and I’m hoping some of that brave will rub off on me.



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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Brave

  1. nhfalcon

    Survey says?

  2. Go see it. Right now.
    Every Chili (even the honorary one) loved it. It’s spectacular to look at, delightfully funny, and just poignant enough to give the older set something to think about.

  3. We went to see it Saturday afternoon. Beautiful. The Caledonian forest nover looked so good. Makes me want to go back to Scotland again. I was glad they actually chose Scottish actors for the parts. Originally Reese Witherspoon was up for Merida. Could you imagine? She’s a fine actor, but I’m glad she couldn’t do it.

    And Julie Waters as the wi… widdler is hilarious.

    Of course, there were some onion cutting ninjas in the theatre at the end of it. My eyes kept watering up.

    Wonderful movie. And I’ll have to get that soundtrack.

  4. nhfalcon

    Thanx, guys. I thought as much, but it never hurts to get confirmation.

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