Thought for Thursday: Shifting

I had lunch today with a former coworker from CHS.  A friend of mine had a long and revealing conversation with a former administrator from the place at just about the same time.  We both learned almost exactly the same things from independent sources.

The upshot is that my being let go may well have been a gift.  If things are as bad as these two women think they are (and the more I learn, the more I think they’re right), then the place is going to go down in flames fairly soon.  It may be best that I got out when I did, even if the getting out was decidedly not of my choosing.

Regardless, I still feel as though I’ve been thrown under the proverbial bus in terms of the timing; I’ve already sent out a number of resumes and letters of inquiry, and have had two rejections in as many days.  I may well be waiting tables come September.



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  1. Sigh even with the news that the school is in tough shape I am sure it’s bittersweet. Thinking of you often and hoping you find happiness soon! I wish I lived closer I would love to have you tutor me on some basic grammar.

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