Quick Hit: Things That Go Fast

I went to my first ever air show today (which is saying something, given that I live within 10 minutes of the venue for the annual show and have done for more than 20 years now).

We live on the flight path to a now-decommissioned Air Force base, and I have contented myself, for those 20 or so years, with watching the aircraft in the shows turn around pretty much directly over my house.  I was talked into going to the show proper by Sweet Pea’s dad, who made the compelling case that seeing the jets was one thing; seeing them 100 feet in the air and 20 yards away was something else entirely.

It was hot, and it was crowded, but the thrill of having F/A 18 Hornets fly directly in front of me (and over me, and by me) at speed made all of that worth it.

Tomorrow night, the Movies in the Park people are running Top Gun.  Their timing for this one is impeccable, and I’m trying to get a table so we can go see it.

I like things that go fast.

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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Things That Go Fast

  1. Wayfarer

    There are some great quotes from Top Gun that still, 20+ years later, pop into my head at random times.

    “Hey Goose, ya big stud! Take me to bed or lose me forever!”

    I never loved Meg Ryan more than in that moment.

  2. It’s still as cheesy as it was 20 years ago, but I loved every second of it.

    “C’mon, Mav; do some of that pilot shit…”

  3. nhfalcon

    “I feel the need – the need for speed!”

    Or, even better:

    Maverick: “Now this is what I call a target-rich environment.”

    Goose: “You live your life between your legs, Mav.”

    Maverick: “Goose, even you could get laid in a place like this.”


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