Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Random Things:

1.  I read Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter in two days.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable book, and didn’t require any intellectual heavy lifting on my part; in short, a perfect summer read.

2.  I have to make my way into the garage and start organizing my hastily-packed professional life.  I’m not looking forward to that, but it needs to be done, so there you have it.

3.  Bean has been camping with the aunites since yesterday; Punk joins them this afternoon.  I enjoyed a couple of hours hanging with my sister and her wife when I dropped Bean off yesterday, and I’m looking forward to doing so again today when I bring Punk over.  I don’t like camping, myself, but I’m not above enjoying some quiet time by a lake with some of my favorite people (as long as I get to go home and sleep in my own bed later).

4.  I’ve reconnected with Bowyer lately.  He and I are soul mates, and it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been apart; when we get back together, we just fall into one another’s lives like no time has passed.  I knew very well how much I missed him when we were apart, though, and it’s a relief to have him as a regular fixture in my world again.

5.  NOAA is calling for thunderstorms all day and all night tomorrow.  I guess the fireworks will be postponed.


Chance Thunderstorms Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%


High: 82 °F


Chance Thunderstorms Chance for Measurable Precipitation 30%


Low: 64 °F


6.  The completion of Abraham means I get to dive back into Voyager, the third of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  I’m about halfway through the third of seven books (another is coming out at some undetermined future date), and it’s ridiculous how much I’m enjoying reconnecting with all of those old friends.

7.  I’m starting to feel better about what happened at work, but I’m still nowhere near “over” it yet.  I found myself plagued by PTSD-like flashes of anger and anxiety all day yesterday, and that really bothered me.  A letter has been issued from the board that calls my dismissal a “departure” that was made for the good of the school and, by insinuation, calls into question my “professionalism, passion… and ability to connect with… students.”  That doesn’t help my grieving process.  Bastards.

8.  On a lighter note, I’m going to see a former student (who would have been “former” either way; she graduated last month) in a play in the park on Saturday night.  I’m really looking forward to that.

9.  My shingles (HERPES, Joe!) are almost all cleared up.  I’ve got one more day on the meds, and the spot is still red and flaky, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did and the infernal itching has died down significantly.

10.  I’ve discovered that I can get Pandora through my phone and into my car stereo.  That’s pretty awesome.  I love my husband for a lot of reasons, and the cool toys he gets for me don’t hurt at all.



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    I am a Pandora fan, also. But I have discovered Songza which is playlists and am in love with it!

  2. I am feeling a book. I can see something great coming from that BIG brain of yours.

  3. Improbable Joe

    Herpes… ain’t no shame in your game!

  4. I went with my brother Don to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” It was actually a pretty decent flick.

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