Quick Hit: Nothin’

There are a number things I could write about today, but none of them is doing anything to improve my mood, so I’m going to leave them all to lie for a bit.

If you can’t say anything nice, after all, perhaps it’s best not to say anything at all.

I’ll try again tomorrow.



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One response to “Quick Hit: Nothin’

  1. L B

    Mrs Chili, I’ve been following you for years and despite how much this situation might suck, you do not suck. You are the real deal, great teacher, great parent, just great with kids at those emotional hormone filled years. Not many people can teach and enjoy time with teenagers at all. Your light still shines, something will come. Teaching, Yoga fulltime? MLS to run the local library” You would rock at that! Enjoy folding into this time you have without a plan other than vacation time. Explore what you feel like and want to take a look at now that you aren’t tied to th eold job any longer. Talk with Auntie, she might be a great backboard to bounce off of and you might become a senior thesis!

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