Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bravery

I spent a lovely day in Boston (which, if I had “a city,” would be my city). O’Mama and I got there around 11 and got tickets for a tour trolly that allowed us to “hop on / hop off” at varying stops around Boston and Cambridge.

One of the things I love to do is to see the monument to the Massachusetts 54th Regiment.

image credit

I’ve seen it a number of times, but I’m always willing to walk up the hill from the Common to see it again. It’s a stunning, respectful, beautiful piece that honors the men who overcame prejudice and risked not only their lives, but their freedom to protect life and liberty for everyone.



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2 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bravery

  1. I agree–it’s one of my favorite sights!

  2. L B

    I spent a bit of my life in Watertown and this stop was always the first stop for my out of town visitors. Not a part of our history that most people would know. Thanks for bringing it to light again.

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