Quick Hit: “I Want Aaron Sorkin to Script My Life”

I have always loved Aaron Sorkin’s work. The man is sharp and observant, and he’s clearly not afraid to express a well-articulated opinion.

Sweet Pea’s parents share my affinity for Sorkin, and they have on-demand. As a consequence, yet another of the things we like to do together is gather to watch episodes of The Newsroom.

Really; if you haven’t seen this show, figure out a way to do it. It’s not perfect, certainly, but it’s really, really good. I mean, this is the opening scene of the whole series; it’s beautiful.

The title of today’s post was spoken by Sweet Pea herself, as we were getting ready to leave after watching episode 3. I can’t say I disagree with her.


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One response to “Quick Hit: “I Want Aaron Sorkin to Script My Life”

  1. He finally hit his stride in ep 3 I think. I’ve been watching out of loyalty and loving parts of it but knowing I can’t disagree with many of the criticisms up to now. But with this episode? Yeah, he’s back and he might just be better than ever.

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