Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things I’ve been up to…

1.  Being a friend.  Someone I love very much is going through some stuff.  I’m honored that I get to be there for him.

2.  Packing.  I’m re-boxing all of the stuff I brought home from my classroom (which was pretty much everything in the room, by the way; I’ll have Mr. Chili send before and after pictures).  Because I didn’t have much time to prepare for having to clear out my room, I ended up packing everything into whatever was available; grocery bags, copier paper boxes, and milk crates made up the bulk of my packing receptacles.  Since then, though, I’ve bought a couple of bundles of banker’s boxes and have been slowly but surely assembling and transferring my professional life into them.  The uniformity of size and shape makes them easy to store, and they’re small enough that I can literally pack them full of books and still lift them (the handles help a lot with that).

3.  Job hunting.  This is some pretty demoralizing shit, I have to tell you.  So far, I’ve submitted half a dozen application packets.  One has been rejected outright (but in a very polite and encouraging way – I think they’d be interested in me if they had a position open), two have been held for the possibility of a position opening up (though those was more of form emails; there was no personality to those notes whatsoever), and two are still in process.  How long should I wait before I start poking them?  One of my to-do list items this week is to compile an electronic packet to send to all the community colleges in the neighborhood.

4.  Reading!  I’m up to book 5 of the Outlander series (The Fiery Cross), and I just found out today that, according to Ms. Gabaldon’s facebook page, that there is “a deal with Sony Pictures for development of a cable-TV (as in HBO, Netflix, Starz, Showtime, whatever…that kind of thing) series.”  I’m holding out cautious optimism that it’ll be at least a little satisfying.

5.  Driving.  Holy CRAP, but I’m putting a lot of miles on the Puck!  I bring Punkin to school in the mornings in Local College Town, then come home, get Bean, and bring her to camp at Quaint Port City.  Most of the time, I go home (to do the aforementioned packing and reading) then do the whole thing in reverse in the afternoons.  Add to that trips to the grocery store and the bank (and once to the boarder to meet Auntie for a yummy lunch) and I’ve been all over the place.

6.  Applying to graduate school.  Regardless of whether I get another job in September or not, I’m going to take at least one class at Local U. in the fall.  I’m meeting with someone tomorrow to discuss the possibility of my being admitted to the CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study) program in Adolescent Development.  I have no desire to pursue a Ph.D., but I would love, love, LOVE to get back into college.

7.  Sleeping.  Despite the stress of late (or perhaps because of it), I’ve been finding that I’m sleeping hard.  I’m not complaining, though; I actually feel pretty good.

8.  Scheduling.  I’ve managed to get the girls’ 6 month dentist check-ups done, and I’ve scheduled physicals for Mr. Chili and myself in August.  I still have to get my (very late) mammogram scheduled, and I need to make dentist appointments for both Mr. Chili and me.  My chiropractor called me this afternoon asking if I’d like to come back.  I would, but only if my insurance covers it, at least until I get another job.

9.  Fussing.  I find I don’t have it in me to tackle big, ponderous jobs, but I am having some pretty good luck in breaking those jobs up into manageable bites.  The classroom in the garage is an example, and I’ve been working, slowly but surely, on getting other areas of my life under control.  It’s not sexy or glamorous, but having an organized pantry or knowing how much toothpaste I have in reserve is strangely calming.

10.  Breathing.  I think I’m finally finding some measure of equilibrium after all of this upheaval lately.  I’m not 100% grounded yet, but I’m feeling much better for having found out some more information about what really happened and about what other people think about it (a friend told me that it’s going to bear out that I got off the train one stop before it completely derails in a fiery crash).  This is also my absolute most favorite time of year; the warm (and yes, even a little of the humid) makes me feel like I’m really here, and I’ve been enjoying the feel of it all.  Ice cream, driving with the car windows down, sitting on the back porch with a book and a sweating glass of iced tea while the kids splash around in the pool, falling asleep to the drone of a fan at my window and waking to the sound of birds calling to each other in the trees in my back yard.  All of it makes me happy, and I’m trying to actually absorb it into my bones.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Is Punkin in summer school? Or is it a summer camp thing? You’re being amazingly productive. Idle hands… 🙂
    We’re off this Sunday for a much needed vacation.

  2. L B

    Love, keep living large, enjoying all of the fire energy that summer brings to us all. Time to imagine change, you will find the right thing for you. It might be that MBA on line, might be a new teaching job, it might be a round at The Cordon Bleu School! Who knows? Opportunity is just knocking on all of your doors. Time now for discernment, hard to fathom that when there is all of this freedom and joy juice leaking about! Have fun, go discover a new way and seek a new teacher that may lead you to yet another way of thinking. MBA, just because your kids will need that sort of direction? MSW because that’d be such a great fit for you? Art therapy because we all need to explore that? The WHOLE WORLD is your oyster right now, pretty hard to grab the reigns with all of those options. You’ll find what suites you and then take it on, full force. Find that, face it, explore it, take it on, be who you are and be who you are about to become. You will rock that space and be that one amazing woman that made a difference for so many people. You’ve already been there, done that. What’s next for you if you weren’t paralized by your options?

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