Birthday Love

Today I celebrate the continued presence of Wayfarer on the planet.

I have been loving Wayfarer – to one degree or another – for a little more than 20 years.  There’s something about the man that resonates with my energy – and mine with his – and we’ve settled very nicely into a comfortable, stable, and satisfying expression of that synergy.

He is a thinking man, and though we sometimes disagree about this or that, we are never, ever disrespectful of each other, nor are we willing to let those disagreements tarnish the way we look at one another.  If anything, I think the fact that we can disagree – and can talk to each other in ways that help us to understand how we each see things – causes us to seek each other out for clarity about sticky or complex problems.  He is a key part of my “perspective team.”

He loves with his whole being.  Wayfarer is very like me in this regard; he is not the least bit apologetic about going all in with his family, his friends, and his students.  That, I think, is a big part of the common vibration we share; neither of us sees that kind of whole love as a weakness or a fault.

Wayfarer is funny, and I seem to be particularly in tune with his sense of humor.  His mannerisms, the way he comments on the everyday, and his turns of phrase – to say nothing of his facial expressions and tones of voice – crack me up on a fairly regular basis.  Ask him to teach you how to snivel.

He’s a practical and pragmatic sort while still holding to his ideal, and that is another thing that draws me to his friendship.  He sees things the way they are and understands how to “work the system,” but he’s also stoically and steadfastly determined to change those systems when he sees they’re simply not working (especially if he sees they’re not working for a kid).  I admire his ability to simultaneously say “well, there it is,” and tirelessly work to change it.

I am deeply proud of the relationship that Wayfarer and I share.  We went though a profoundly painful and difficult time a long while ago, but we recognized that we were important enough to one another to figure a way to settle into the friendship that we have now.   Our families belong to each other, and we all know, without question, that any one of us would get into the car at 2 am in our pajamas if we were called.  That matters.

Happy birthday, my precious friend.  Thank you for all that you have been, and for all that you are to me.  I’m looking forward to another year with you in it.


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One response to “Birthday Love

  1. Wayfarer

    Wow! Thank you for all your kind words! It is comforting beyond words to know that, after so many years, we still share the synergy that was such an instant connection for us. It is such a blessing that our relationship has been able to evolve and adapt and that we’ve grown so much closer for holding to it.

    I love being able to talk to you about whatever and, at the end, know that we still love each other. I like that you enjoy my quirky sense of humor, too. 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to put a blog post together about the sniveling thing. I have pics and everything! Maybe I’ll work on that this week…

    I love you very much!

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