Happy Challenge, Day 13

I love my mechanic.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve gushed about Ed here before, but it all bears repeating.  This morning, Sooza came up my driveway for an unexpected (though very happily received) visit.  She and her mom and the girls were out test-driving a potential new  (to them) van, and since they were in my neighborhood, they thought to stop by.  While in my driveway, Sooza instructed the girls to crawl all over the van and try all the buttons and, while they were busily poking and clicking, I suggested to my friend that she should drive it over to see Ed to find out what he thinks of the really important bits.  I mean, it LOOKED good (and it has heated seats!!), but neither Sooza nor I would have ANY means of judging its mechanical fitness or safety.

I called Ed to ask if he could see my friend and, true to form, his reply was “when can she get here?”  Sooza took the car over this afternoon and was given the proverbial green light from my able, ethical, and charming mechanic.

What the HELL am I going to do when this man retires?!



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2 responses to “Happy Challenge, Day 13

  1. Does he have a son or daughter to take his place? 😉

  2. Sooza

    I can attest that Ed is jut as wonderful as you have always attested. Kind and quiet, honest and generous. Thanks for “sharing” him. I love my Western Mass mechanic (for many of the same reasons I listed above, though their personalities are miles apart), but Ed can be my backup mechanic any day!

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