Happy Challenge; Day 15

I got to spend a significant part of my day with Sooza, and that made me very, very happy.

She’s in town visiting her parents (whilst her husband, Wayfarer, makes a perfectly ridiculous trip through New England on his bicycle, but that’s another story).  The other day, I had an unexpected but entirely delightful visit from Sooza and the girls as they were test driving a new (to them) minivan.  We decided to reserve today for a more substantial visit, but the forecast made me nervous; I wasn’t sure that the Wayfarer girls would have much fun at Chez Chili without access to the pool.

Well, the weather was perfectly lovely, and I needn’t have worried about the pool in any event; the little girls took a quick dip, but spent the rest of the time indoors – playing Monopoly, building blanket forts, and generally entertaining themselves while the Mamas had a singularly wonderful time on the back deck.

The visit was good for my soul, and I’m very, very glad it happened.



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2 responses to “Happy Challenge; Day 15

  1. Wayfarer

    Perfectly ridiculous… Like a ninja!

  2. Sooza

    To Wayfarer – Better you than me, sweetie! And to you, Mrs. Chili — thank thank thank you! It was a lovely afternoon and I wish we could share time like that more often.

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