Quick Hit: Happy Challenge, Day 22

Sons of Anarchy reruns while folding laundry.  The new season starts September 11th!

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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Happy Challenge, Day 22

  1. It’s a good show, but I wonder sometimes that it doesn’t have a sense of direction in the plotting.

  2. It’s funny that you say that, because it’s something I have wondered myself. I want to be generous and say that the sense of chaos and disorganization is purposeful – those qualities really do play into the themes of the narrative (and the lives of the characters are pretty much defined by a lack of constancy and foundation), but all that being said, season 3 was a hard one to get through. I guess my jury is still out about whether the storytelling needs to be more constant (predictable?) or whether I’m okay with the messiness of the storytelling because it keeps me off balance, and I KNOW that having the audience off balance is a goal of the director…

  3. I gave it a chance; I only stopped watching it due to a conflict of scheduling. I have learned that I never watch anything I DVR.

  4. Eddie, Sons is easily one of my favorite shows. I wish that I could use it in the classroom, but the language and the violence wouldn’t make it past most administrators….

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