Pin Testing

So, a while ago, I created an account on Pinterest.  It’s a strange site, into which entire hours can be sucked completely dry without my ever noticing the passage of time.

Essentially, it’s a place where people – mostly women, though I’ve seen some men on there – go to “pin” things they find on the internet, most often with links to the original sites so that they (and we) can go and see the details.  It’s kind of like bookmarking, but with a bit more style.

Literally everything gets pinned – from recipes to manicure tips to formulas for DIY cleaning solutions to clothing to porn (yes, porn – and some of it is very classy, though there are a lot (A LOT) of uptight (usually self-proclaimed Christians) who complain about it.  If you don’t like it, don’t visit the board; simple enough.  Sheesh!  Anyway…).  There are travel locations, funny cards and inspirational sayings, wedding ideas, jewelry – really, there’s just about everything on Pinterest, and I’ve been enjoying disconnecting my brain and scrolling through the pictures and ideas that the site has to offer.

I really enjoyed doing the Happy Challenge last month (thanks, Kwizgiver, for the inspiration), and I was thinking that I might like to maintain a theme for this month, too – something to give me focus as I adjust to my new reality of life without full time employment.  One of my goals from last year was to eat at home more often – and we’re doing that – but I’m terrible (TERRIBLE, I tell you!) at meal planning.  Most nights, we’ll play a rousing match of “what do you want? – I don’t know, what do YOU want?” tennis until we give up and just raid the refrigerator (or the cereal cabinet), so I’m revising my “eat at home” goal to include actual meal planning.


SO!  Once a week – I’m not sure what day, of course, because it depends on how things go – I’ll try out one recipe I’ve “pinned” on Pinterest and report back to you about how it went (I’ll probably post a review here and the recipe over at the kitchen blog with a link here pointing the way).

Here’s hoping we stumble upon a couple of winner recipes!


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One response to “Pin Testing

  1. Kwizgiver

    Wooo! That sounds like fun. I try not to pin too much food, because let’s be honest, I really don’t cook that often since it’s just me and it makes so much mess… But this is going to be fun!

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