Quick Hit: Poetry

Punk had a poetry assignment for English class.  This is what she came up with (reprinted with one minor edit and her express permission):

I Am From

I am from four cats
five before a truck

I am from Barbies and Legos
finger puppets and stage shows
My sister and I came up with for our parents

I am from Super Powers
From hiding in the woods behind the house

I am from bunk beds and bumped heads
and making Beanie laugh past bedtime

I am from Sesame Street
and Hey Arnold!
from the square cubby where we hid our living room toys

I am from “Good Enough Isn’t”
And mangled show tunes from my father’s mouth
(I must know every one with wrong words)

I am from the last hurrah
of the video tape era
I ushered in the DVDs and Mp3s

I am from long red hair and dresses
from braids and room- messes

I am from tall grass and green summers
From white winters and power- outage bummers

I am from candles and subliminal dragonflies
from no fireflies
and starry skies

I am from books,
and books, and books, and books

I am from the rocking chair
with the ABC blanket
The Red Carpet

But most of all
I am from home
I am from family
I am from


Here’s the “rocking chair and the Red Carpet.”  The ABC blanket must be under them; here’s a picture of them with it:



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8 responses to “Quick Hit: Poetry

  1. JRH

    The 10th grade English teacher at our school had the kids write Where I Am From poems too, so I have spent the last few days reading them and learning more about the 9th graders I had last year. It’s such a neat twist for me to read one where I get Where She’s From better than I know the student who wrote it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. BossNurse

    Have to say, this made me choke up a little bit.
    I am from

  3. I am crying what a great ending I am from love love love.

  4. We’re clearly doing something right.

  5. Kwizgiver

    Oh. Wonderful!

  6. Um… wow. That was legitimately great.

  7. rantingwoman


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