Quick Hit: Give it to Me Straight…

… are you bored here?

It seems to me that comments here are trending down.  I’m concerned that I’ve been distracted and less than attentive to this space, and that’s led to a lull in the number of responses.  So I’m asking you; is there something I should be doing differently that would spark more reader participation?



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14 responses to “Quick Hit: Give it to Me Straight…

  1. Kwizgiver

    I’m not bored, I visit daily. 😉

  2. nhfalcon

    Seems to me every blog I follow has seen the comments fade away. Perhaps it’s just that the whole blogging thing is losing it’s luster?

  3. I’m here! And despite the fact that I have over 900 unread items in my Google Reader, I ALWAYS read any posts from The Blue Door or A Teacher’s Education. I’m usually just so wiped out from teaching 24 mini-peeps all day, taking two graduate classes at night, being an elected board member of our local education association, raising a puppy, maintaining a household… well, you’ve been there, you know. Keep writing, please! Remember, I live in a “red state” that’s also a veritable theocracy, and I need to be reminded that there’s still intelligent life out there!!!

  4. Nope, not bored. I check in daily, but for some reason I never got in the habit of commenting on blogs, even yours.

  5. Kwizgiver, I visit you, too (though I admit to sometimes just checking you out on the reader, so I don’t show up on your count, but I’m still looking in…)

    Falcon, I wondered about that. It seems that there are fewer blogs (well, fewer writing blogs – there are tons of lol sites). I haven’t gotten sick of it yet, though.

    Mamie – oh, Honey – I HEAR you! I’ve been feeling these pressures, too, and I think that’s why my writing here has been less than substantial lately. I’m going to keep at it, though, and to try to raise my bar a bit, too.

  6. My classes this year are beating me up. Notice I am not posting because I have no idea how to write anything without giving everything away – but every week they find some new way to f*** with my classes.

  7. Audiophile, that’s okay – I know that if I NEED you to weigh in on something (cough – infidelity! – cough!) you’ll be there. That’s valuable to me.

    Ricochet, I HAVE noticed your relative radio silence; I’m sorry to hear the cause of it. Here’s the thing, though – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if any of you need a space to anonymously air your shit, email me what you want to post and I’ll put it here.

  8. Kagen Alexander

    I always read (though usually from google). I chime in when I feel like I have something intelligent to add which, clearly, isn’t often. I’ll try to do better.

  9. BossNurse

    I always read, but I’ve never been one for doing much commenting, on ANY blog.

  10. Jen

    I’m like BossNurse…I stop by daily, but I rarely comment on any of the blogs I read. In addition, I overthink what I want to say, so usually by the time I’ve worked up the nerve to leave a comment, someone else has already said it better.

  11. I read and I read your comments everyone else says everything so much better. But I love ya and your blog

  12. L B

    Hey Mrs. Chili, I am one among the many daily readers and frequent non-responders. I love hitting your site, somtimes several times a day, just to see what you have to say and share. I don’t always, or perhaps, very rarely, have anything to add. If I had something to say daily, I’d have a blog. I don’t, so that’s that. Your wonderful self and your blog are like an old friend, a welcomed love, a life that I am part of but not part of, if that makes any sense. That you take the time to consider your life, your work issues, your love, your kids, your car, your heart, what you choose to share and explore, in your one words, every day, well, that means a lot to me. (Well, and, that was a shit load of commas, feel free to parse that even betterer if you please). That you do write something, everyday, that means a lot to me. Write, just write, your own “I am from”, write your new sense of being a student, or even as a student while you are also a teacher. Write about what has you attracted or distracted, included or excluded, everything under the sun. Everything old is new again. You write, because that is in you. Your blog is about your writing and that is important to you. You need to write, everyday in some way. If you write in a journal you’ll just have to type it in somewhere for your book, so just start here, write it here. we are each and all, a work in progress. I’ll keep reading and if I’m not commenting, well, another kick in the ass would be good. Creat an app, write there, I’d buy it!

    Sorry if I’ve been lazy and too far gone and not responding. You, OMG, are never anything less than a heartfelt post. If this an invitation for an ongoing conversation, well, then, I should step up and be party to it. Seriously, you are brilliant, you’ve other readers that are much more adamant and/or persuasive and/or eloquent that I might be but I’ll throw in what I have though. I usually try not to fall into that fray but wow, sometimes that “come hither” with some of your readers is just too much. Some amazing conversations/exchanges have happened there, you have been hosting an amazing spectrum of opinions here, it’s your space, your place, your rules run your space.

    I enjoy knowing that you take time off at the lake, that you love Brudder, that you have a mechanic that you love and trust. I love that you write your life. Sweet Jebus, if David Sedaris can publish any book, any time, it’s just proof to me that 1000 monkeys could type a Shakespearean play. If he can get published time and time again, you’ve got the world by the knees and publishers should be lining up for your book and supporting a literacy campaign.

    Mrs. Chili, you’ve got several books, start with that first one, day by day, bit by bit, go to school, teach the teachers, get more, learn more, write more. Your daughters are getting older, Iowa Writer’s Workshop? Maybe. Just keep writing, in all ways, find a group, meet once a month, once a week, maybe. Write, read, share, review, write. Really. You have this in you, explore it at least.

    From here, I’ll comment more often. Please don’t just up and go away. I wouldn’t ever get to know how the first book ends.

  13. Audra

    I read you. Every post. You are with me in Doctor’s offices, when I am waiting in the car pool line, when I am on the porch drinking coffee…. Ten Things Tuesday always get me if I don’t have a word to say. You are there. Much gratitude. All apologies for not expressing that.

  14. Thank you – every one of you – for your feedback. I have no intention of quitting this space; I just needed to know that I wasn’t just crying into the void.

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