Monday Musing: Quick Hit

This needs to get as much air time as is humanly and technologically possible.

Please; click on the link and read and watch the WHOLE THING.  I think it’s important that we understand what this man says when he thinks no one outside of the room is going to hear him.

This election is desperately important.



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2 responses to “Monday Musing: Quick Hit

  1. Roz

    I was thrilled to have this mentioned on our local news in Victoria ,Vancouver Island British Columbia CANADA!!!!!!

  2. Roz, thanks for telling me this. My understanding is that Mr. Romney isn’t exactly the darling of the international community, either; in fact, he pretty much blundered his way across Europe this summer, and several smart people are saying that a Romney presidency would be a foreign policy nightmare (and I don’t think they’re wrong, given the way he’s spouting off about Iran, Isreal, and China).

    I really DON’T want another embarrassing president; after Bush, I felt like I needed to personally apologize to the world and to reassure everyone that this man DID NOT represent me or the people I knew. Gah!

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