Ten Things Tuesday

Ten chocolate things that can almost always be found in the Chili household:

1.  Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered cherries.  A TJ’s just opened in the next town over; now I don’t have to go to another state to get my fix!

2.  Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt.

3.  Chocolate protein powder in milk for breakfast.

4.  Brownies.

5.  Semisweet chocolate chips.

6.  Hot cocoa.

7.  Sipping chocolate (like hot chocolate, only much, much richer).

8.  Coco krispies (these are an occasional item, and usually only purchased with the express intent of making rice krispy treats)

9.  The Body Shop chocolate body scrub:

image credit

10.  Ovaltine!


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One response to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. The Body Shop chocolate line? Oh, sign me up! I’m going online to shop!!

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