Birthday Love

The Girl, my sister’s beloved wife, celebrates another trip around the sun today, which means I get an excuse to publicly celebrate her existence on the planet and in my life.

When I think of The Girl (TG for short), the first thing that comes to mind is her energy.  She’s a bundle of it; a wisecracking, kinetic body in motion.  She practically vibrates with curiosity, excitement, and humor, and I leave every encounter with her feeling a kind of ticklish rush, like stepping off a really great carnival ride or coming down after a giggle fit.

When I think of people in my life who inspire me to be kinder or more patient, TG nears the top of the list.  She works with special needs kids, and her commitment to her work serves as an example of what dedicated professionals look and act like.  More than that, though, she is committed to her practice of becoming the highest and best expression of herself; her humanity means something to her, and she actively works to nurture and cultivate it.  I have watched her as she’s confronted some really difficult and painful struggles head-on and emerged better for it.

The Girl loves with her whole being, not just her heart.  She’s the kind of person who listens to you with her entire body.  She doesn’t demean or condescend.  When I’m talking to her, I get the feeling that no one else in the world exists for her in that moment.  I cherish that.

You want to talk about funny?  The Girl strikes a balance between sublime intellectual humor and slapstick physical comedy; I’ve never known anyone who uses their bodies the way she does, and the contrast between her airy, kinetic self and Auntie’s solid and deliberate style is delightful (though I think that they frustrate the hell out of each other most of the time).   I love watching her and my sister spar, they being two of the funniest women I know.  Like me, The Girl is not above laughing at herself or of pointing out her own ridiculousness to make an often hysterical point.

There is something about TG that is energetically familiar to me, and I’m convinced that even if she hadn’t fallen in love with my sister, we would have found a way to be friends.

Happy birthday, Sister of My Soul.  I love you like crazy and am deeply grateful that you found your way into my life.


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One response to “Birthday Love

  1. nhfalcon

    Happy Birthday, TG! Thank you for making my friend Mrs. C.’s life that much better! 🙂

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