Thought for Thursday: Angry *Edited*

Please, watch this.

“The biggest problem with the denizens of Bullshit Mountain is they act like their shit don’t stink.  If they have success, they built it; if they failed, the government ruined it for them.  If they get a break, they deserve it; if YOU get a break, it’s a “handout” and an “entitlement.”  It’s a baffling, willfully blind cognitive dissonance.”

Edited to include this quote, taken from Gregory Mantisios’s essay “Media Magic: Making Class Invisible:”

 For the media, “we” the affluent stand not only apart from the “other” – the poor, the working class, the minorities, and their problems – “we” are also victimized by the poor (who drive up the costs of maintaining the welfare rolls), minorities (who commit crimes against us), and by workers (who are greedy and drive companies out and prices up).  Ignored are the subsidies to the rich, the crimes of corporate America, and the policies that wreak havoc on the economic well-being of middle America.  Media magic convinces us to fear, more than anything else, being victimized by those less affluent than ourselves.



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3 responses to “Thought for Thursday: Angry *Edited*

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  2. Anonymous

    Loved this, thank you for posting. My BEW is all wound up in the Patriots football game. M, I’d rather that we share this instead. Thanks though, for posting. I’ll drag her eyeballs and brain here at some point.

  3. Hey, now; don’t dis the football. Everyone needs to unplug every once in a while, and watching a couple dozen guys bash each other around for a few hours often does the trick for me, too! : P

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