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6 responses to “Quick Hit; THIS

  1. Sooza

    I respect that everyone has a right to an opinion and that they have a right to express it. Honestly, I disagree that anyone has the right to swear at someone they disagree with. Seriously? That’s your argument? You think I am effin stupid, so therefore you must be right?

    There is still a place in the world for civil discourse. This starts to wander too close to bullying for my comfort.

  2. I agree that everyone should be treated with civility to the extent that it is possible, but I also think that there has been a shift far beyond what is prudent when we’re talking about people’s “rights.”

    Despite my wish for civility, I do think that we’ve gone too far in providing a sense of legitimacy to people who don’t deserve it; I’m continually horrified by people who get speaking engagements and interviews on television and the radio, and I think that giving these people a forum is a terrible idea.

    Did you get a chance to read this? I think it speaks to the point I was trying to make when I reposted this picture:


  3. CV Rick

    But Sooza, some things are fucking stupid no matter who believes them. Denying the Holocaust – fucking stupid.
    Footbinding – fucking stupid
    Female Genital Mutilation – fucking stupid
    I could go on and on. Just because someone has a belief, that doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it true. Beliefs don’t deserve respect merely because someone expresses them.
    Being tolerant only extends to the point where someone’s beliefs don’t affect anyone else. But today, believers want to legislate their stupid fucking beliefs onto other people. I am not required to tolerate that kind of ridiculousness.
    Here’s the thing about beliefs – believe them, and live them.
    Don’t want to marry someone of your same gender, then don’t. But don’t prohibit others.
    Don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.
    Don’t want to buy beer on Sunday, don’t.

  4. Sooza

    CV Rick – I believe that using language simply to shock and offend brings us down a level. Our beliefs in the equality of people, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation or the kind of mini-van they drive, is what makes us right, not the fact that we think they are “stupid” or “fucking stupid”. It’s just….unnecessary.

    And Chili, what exactly do you mean by “what is prudent”? I don’t understand what you mean in this context.

  5. What I mean by prudence is that I feel like we’ve come to a point where we’re afraid to challenge anyone, and that too few people know how to take a challenge to their thinking without taking it as a challenge to their person. As a result, we feel we have to “balance” everything by giving equal weight to “both sides,” even when it is obscenely clear that one “side” is misguided, wrong, or blatantly insane.

    We go out of our way to allow the inane, ridiculous, and, well, stupid to have a forum and to be validated. Just listen to any media lately and you’ll hear all MANNER of idiocy. WHY are the likes of Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman still given a spot on a Sunday morning talk show? WHY are we allowing the virulently anti-gay to speak on radio and television (letting them spout their bile on the street corner is fine with me, First Amendment and all that, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say we need to honor these whackjobs with a microphone). WHY are news reporters still giving credence to the idea that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist?

    That’s why I mean by prudence. I don’t think it’s wise to indulge the ignorant, and I think we’re doing far, far too much of it. Frankly, I’d like for us to collectively turn our backs on some of these people; it’s been repeatedly demonstrated that engagement with them is a waste of precious energy.

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