Ten Things Tuesday: Double-Take

I decided to do TWO Ten Things Tuesdays today.  I’m kinda jazzed about the debates, and these have been rolling around in my head all day.  Here, then, and in no particular order, are ten questions I’d like the candidates to be asked – and that I’d like them to answer frankly:

1.  Justify your stance on equal rights for LGBTQ people.

2.  If one of your top ten donors comes to you looking for a favor, what will be your response?

3.  Discuss your position on Afghanistan.  What’s your plan for withdrawing our troops from that country?  How do you see the U.S.’s role in the Middle East going forward?

4.  Discuss the status of veterans in this country.  What will you do, as President, to improve the lives of those who fought to serve the country?

5.  How will you work to improve the lives of the very poor in this country?  Discuss, specifically, the programs of food assistance and Medicaid.

6.  What will you do to secure Medicare benefits for today’s seniors, and for those reaching retirement age in the next 20 years?

7.  What’s your education policy?  How will your administration improve our failing school system?

8.  Discuss how you will bring civility to the national discourse?  How do you plan to work with those who stand on the opposite side of the ideological fence?

9.  Address the Occupy movement, specifically the ways in which protesters have been treated by law enforcement.

10.  Justify your stance on women’s rights, specifically access to health care, contraception, and abortion services.




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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday: Double-Take

  1. Kwizgiver

    Wow–I would watch that debate!

  2. gerry rosser

    As you doubtless know, I don’t find value in “debates” and speeches and don’t watch ’em. My mind is made up. Last night we were happy our DVR was full of goodies to watch.

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