And Thus, it Begins

I just finished re-watching the Sons of Anarchy series.

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As soon as the DVDs have come available, they’ve been delivered to my door courtesy of Amazon’s pre-order program (the same is true of Justified…).  I’d been holding off on restarting the series, though, because, well, I was working and didn’t really have that kind of time to devote to watching television.  Mr. Chili likes Sons, but he’s not as devoted to the show as I am and, as a consequence, I can’t always convince him to watch a couple of episodes with me, so I had to set aside some time where I could watch them by myself.

I have to say that the show holds up exceedingly well.  For as familiar as I am with the story (and I was VERY familiar; I payed very close attention when I watched the first time), I found that practically nothing was lost in the second viewing.  In fact, I came out of the second go-around feeling like I had a much better grasp of some of the more intricate parts of the twisted web of the story line, and I was surprised to find that some of the more shocking and disturbing moments were still as shocking and disturbing as they were when they were fresh, even when I knew they were coming.

The show is definitely NOT for everyone.  It’s often raw and ragged, and always morally ambiguous and challenging (in fact, this show was the foundation of one of my most favorite teacher moments; to this day, I tell this story when I talk about the kind of cognitive work I want my kids to do).  I think that’s what I love about it, though; that I can simultaneously adore and despise (and often, fear) the characters is a huge part of what appeals to me.  The story and all its branches are compelling, the characters are (almost always) believable, and the chance to vicariously live the outlaw life makes this one of my favorite escapes.


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  1. L B

    You’ve spoken of it often, we are not big “watchers” but I’m breaking out a bit and might decide to watch this series, starting on with the first season. I’ll give it a test run before ordering the whole thing.

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