It’s That Time of Year

The girls, inexplicably, have a four day weekend that started today.  As a consequence, Mr. Chili ditched work at noon and came home to be with us.

We decided to head out to lunch at Five Guys (we owed Punk a trip; when we went the last time, she was at band).  While we were enjoying our (yummy) burgers, someone – it may have been Mr. Chili, even – suggested we go apple picking.

After I checked the website (our farm is high tech!) t0 make sure there were apples left to be picked, we piled into the car and headed for the orchard.  In the store, we bought two peck bags, a sleeve of cider donuts, and a chocolate covered marshmallow rolled in toasted coconut (those are my favorites; they have nothing to do with apples or autumn, but I love them just the same).

The day was warm and clear, and there were, in fact, apples to be picked.  Most of them were up really high, though, so extraordinary measures were taken to obtain them.  Observe:

That’s Bean, poking out of the top of a tree.  Oh, and just for the record?  The orchard does NOT forbid people climbing the trees (and we’re VERY respectful of them; we don’t even so much as bend a twig).

The Chili household is currently redolent with the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and baking apples.   The girls baked a couple of pies and, after I come home this evening, I’ll be putting together an apple crisp to bring to my mini-high school reunion at Sooza’s tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite things about autumn.


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