Monday Meme

Guess where I got it.

1. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES?   Mommy, Babe, and Chili

2. WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE?:  I’m in love with my 2005 VW Golf

3. BEST DATE YOU’VE EVER BEEN ON? (IF MARRIED, before your present spouse)  That’s a hard one; I’ve been with my husband for so long, I’m not sure I remember many dates.

4. WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED?   I surprised myself by choking up trying to explain something to Mr. Chili this morning.

5. LONGEST SHIFT YOU HAVE WORKED AT A JOB? WHAT WAS THE JOB?  I’ve worked a couple of double shifts as a waitress; 14 hours on my feet.  Don’t miss those days.

6. FAVORITE MOVIE? I don’t have just one, and they change with my mood.  My current favorites are Hunt for Red October, The Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves, The Green Mile, and Remember the Titans.

7. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SANG IN PUBLIC? WHAT DID YOU SING?   I sang along with the National Anthem at the band show this weekend.  I do not sing in public.

8. WHAT WAS YOUR LAST FIGHT ABOUT?   I don’t think I’d call it a “fight,” but there was a conversation this morning about the roles certain individuals play in familial conflicts.

9. WHAT STUFF DO YOU NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT?   Cell phone, Thermoflask of iced tea, and wallet.  If Mr. Chili is driving, I don’t bring my keys.

10. FAVORITE ITEM OF TECHNOLOGY?   ONE?!  My computer, my iPad, and my cell phone.  Don’t make me choose.

11. FAVORITE WEB SITE?  Facebook, Pinterest, Google’s Feed Reader

12. DO YOU SMOKE?   GOD, no!  I grew up in a smoking family; every adult in my circle smoked.  I am about as anti-cigarette as one can be.

13. IN YOUR EXPERIENCE, HAVE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS WORKED?   They can work, but there has to be an iron-clad commitment from both parties.  Mr. Chili and I survived almost a year apart while he worked in Michigan and I stayed with the house in New England.  Neither of us wants to ever do anything like that again.



16. WHAT WAS THE LAST TEXT MESSAGE YOU RECEIVED?   Punk and I text a lot.  I kind of like it.  I’m pretty sure she was letting me know where she was.

17. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW?:   Linen trousers and a brown cable-knit top.

18. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?:   Summer, but I like every season (well, I WORK at liking winter, but the other three are all good for me).

19. BEST THING ABOUT WINTER?   Comfort food and woobie clothes.

20. DO YOU THINK WTIT IS COOL OR OVERRATED?   I have no idea what witt is.  Does that make me uncool?

21. WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEKEND?   Saturday was Apple Harvest day, a mini high school reunion, and a huge band show.  Sunday was football and dinner with Bowyer and the boys.  Today was the planetarium with the girls and dinner out with Sweet Pea’s parents (it was trivia night at the brewery; we came in fourth.  It was a blast).

22. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?  Happy, healthy, loved.

23. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST REGRET?  Inviting my biologicals to my wedding.

24. ARE YOU SMILING? WHY?   Not at the moment; nothing smile-worthy is happening.

25. IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE WOULD IT BE?   I’d really love to see Scotland.

26. DO YOU PLAY AN INSTRUMENT?   I do not.  Despite a love for it and a really good ear, I never learned to read music.

27. DO YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE ANYONE IN PARTICULAR RIGHT NOW?   Not really.  I saw a bunch of old friends on Saturday, Bowyer yesterday, and Sweet Pea and her family today.

68. LAST THING YOU WATCHED ON YOUTUBE?  The O’Reily-Stewart debate.  I watched about a third of it before we needed to switch over to football.


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  1. jrh

    Ah… 23… Yep.


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