Friday F**k You

It’s the little things that are getting to me lately.

I mean, really, People?!  There are these little things called rules.  They’re not there to impose upon your person or to infringe upon your freedom; they’re there to keep us all moving a little more smoothly, to keep things fair, and to ensure our relative safety.

Like that merge sign, for example.  The sign CLEARLY states that it’s the RIGHT lane that ends, but the person in the minivan who just HAD to be in front of me this morning obviously didn’t see that (or wasn’t smart enough to understand what it meant) as she sped up and muscled her way between me and the car in front of me, thereby ensuring that she arrived at her destination exactly 3/4 of a second before me.  I hope she’s proud of herself.

Oh!  What about that sign that says “one way only, DO NOT ENTER” at the health club parking lot?  Yeah; seeing someone pulling out of a spot that you want does not give you the right to ignore the flow of traffic and come in the fucking out door!

We are fast becoming a very un-civil society (in fact, I take pause to wonder whether we’re not well and truly there already).  I LIKE playing by the rules; I like waiting in orderly lines (well, as much as one can like such things; let’s just say for clarity that I appreciate and respect their function), I like taking turns, and I like picking up after myself so no one else has to, and I wish to all that is good and holy that more people would do the same.  I’m teaching my children to follow the rules, too, though it’s a pretty fucking hard sell when they’re watching people all around them – grown-ups and kids alike – disregarding the niceties because they’re not convenient or expedient ( and I have to tell you that I’m mightily conflicted when someone – usually a member of the waitstaff – pulls me aside to compliment my children’s behavior; I’m proud of my girls, certainly, but they’re not acting in any way that should be considered exemplary).

Why is this so fucking HARD, People?



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