Ten Things Tuesday

Ten random things:

1.  I started teaching a strength class on Tuesdays at Local U. a few weeks ago.  It runs from 7:30-8:15, so I can get a decent workout in before the day really gets going.  I’m also subbing this week for the woman who teaches the Thursday time slot.  I expect to be mighty sore by the end of the week.

2.  The Republicans have hit the cap on the spending they’re allotted for defending the Defense of Marriage Act.  How much you want to bet they’ll vote to increase that?

3.  I’m meeting with the (potential) director of a (potential) new school on Monday.  The DOE is in a pissing match with our state legislature, so there’s all kinds of drama and consternation surrounding new charter applications.  Mr. Chili has a “good feeling” about all of this working out, though, so we’re just going to run with that, m’kay?

4.  I had a terrible experience with the director of a local high school band while I was volunteering at our band’s annual exhibition show this past weekend.  I wrote a scathing letter the the principal of the school and got back – I shit you not – “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”  No apology, no nothing.  Everyone I cc’d on our school’s end has been in touch with confirmation that I am not the first person she’s pissed off, either.  In an effort to balance out the Universe, I sent thank you notes to the directors of two not-so-local high schools and their principals to gush about how friendly and warm and attentive and professional their groups were.

5.  Why is it that Democrats’ cars have pro-Obama stickers on them, but instead of having pro-Romney stickers on theirs, Republicans’ cars have anti-Obama stickers?  Seriously; with the exception of two “Romney/Ryan” stickers, the ONLY ones I’ve seen have been disparaging to Obama in greater or lesser degrees.  I guess if they don’t have anything nice to say about their guy, they talk trash about ours.

6.  I started my first Pat Conroy novel this week (mostly because he ensnared me with his angry love letter), and I was hooked in the first paragraph.  So far, Beach Music is lovely.

7.  Kilwin’s just opened a shop in Quaint Coastal City.  I take strange comfort in knowing that I can get good fudge whenever I want it.

8.  I’m trying to decide whether to watch the debates tonight.  Part of me feels compelled to, and an equal part of me would just rather spare myself the anguish.

9.  I am in desperate need of a manicure.

10.  I was driving the other day, thinking about an ugly something that went down with a friend of mine, and wondering whether I’m being too hard on the people involved.  It was right about then that it hit me that the same sort of thing happened to me a long time ago.  The difference between what I did and what she did, though (and, not for nothing, what the other people involved did) made all the difference in the world, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, no; I’m comfortable both with how I perceived what happened and how I’m dealing with the aftermath.




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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Technically that principal doesn’t owe you an apology but I sure wish s/he’d managed more than a one line response to the issue. (Of course, I’m also betting he’s not unaware of her behavior. While she seems horrific she doesn’t seem inconsistent!)

    I justified watching only 2 short snippets of the VP debate because it’s not going to change my vote and I’m not going to get any new information. In the highly unlikely event that new information does crop up I trust that the internet will inform me post haste and I can watch the replay. Your mileage may vary but I found I didn’t feel guilty at all.

    • I wasn’t expecting an apology, per se, but at least an acknowledgement of my complaint would have been appreciated.

      I LOVE your debate watching strategy. I find that the internet is good for that kind of information (and I especially like that the information is easily verifiable) so I think I’m going to steal this idea. Thanks.

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