Ten Things Tuesday

I’m uninspired today.  You get ten things I’ve pulled off the internet in recent weeks (please forgive me; I don’t have proper citations for most of them).  Try to contain your excitement.

1.  This killed me:


I feel like I occupy that space a lot lately.


It’s almost that time again.  I actually went looking for this graphic because Mr. Chili responded with “zip, zop, zip, zop” when I told him that, fashion be damned, I was going to put snow pants on to watch Punk’s next marching band performance.  It’s getting COLD at night!

4.  This is my facebook icon, and will remain thus until after the election is called.


This is a lesson I’m trying to teach my teenager, and one that I wish more people’s parents taught them.

6.  Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING!  MAKE IT STOP!

7.This actually frightens me.


Isn’t this the sweetest thing?

9.  I’m neck-deep in marriage equality, you guys.  Three states are putting pro-equality measures on their ballots.  If you live in Maine, Maryland, or Washington, please vote YES.  Minnesota is putting an anti-equality question on their ballots.  If you live there, please vote NO.  It’s fucking 2012; we shouldn’t still be having discussions about keeping people from enjoying full citizenship rights.

10.  He’s got a plan and, unlike the other guy, he’s going to let you see it BEFORE he gets (re) elected!




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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Thankful

    Thank you for being an advocate for gay rights, Mrs. Chili. You’re right – it’s 2012: Aren’t we over that debate by now? To say to one couple that they can’t do what another so simply can is inhuman and immoral. The issue doesn’t belong in a church or in government, but far removed from our collective thoughts. Marriage equality for all is the way forward. We shouldn’t settle for anything less.

    I appreciate all you do on this blog and teacher’s education.

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