Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Their words, not mine.

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One response to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. L B

    OMG, any woman that has a vote should know this, not at all surprising that many women that do vote support such violence against women. I love that you keep on keeping on, where would we be without the role models that you and I found and followed. I totally love and support that you are leading from the front, your daughters wil be sitting around and sying, “Remember when Mom did this….?”. You are making a difference for them, for me, for all of us. It’s not easy work at all, but there you are, making a difference, each and every day. Can’t speak for anybody else but I am always happy to hit your page and either observe and enjoy or just get myself into what you have put out there to the world. Thanks for posting, you are special.

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