Ten Things Tuesday

Mr. Chili rented a dumpster.  Here are 10 things that are going to go into it:

1.  The girls’ old mattresses.  We bought cheap-o mattresses when the girls were little-little.  Once they put some weight on, we got higher quality mattresses, so the old ones have been sitting in the basement for too long.  Out they go.

2.  25 year old computer monitors and a box full of non-functioning, outdated, nonfunctional computer parts, wires, connectors, and discs.

3.  A couple of dead TiVo units.

4.  A set of old (and not in a good way) golf clubs.

5.  A bag of fabric scraps and drier lint.

6.  A couple of boxes full of receipts, contracts, and other miscellaneous paper.

7.  A few broken plastic bins, some scrap wood, and a broken bed frame.

8.  The old pool and all its accompanying accessories, along with a few deflated toys, a couple of rotted wooden deck trays, and some old plastic lawn furniture.

9.  A piece of entirely useless exercise equipment (obtained at a yard sale by a neighbor for 10 bucks).

10.  All the stress of a cluttered, messy, unmanageable basement!



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Yay for de-cluttering. Does your state recycle computer parts?

  2. Rowan

    Go Chili! Decluttering is so freeing! I’m inspired!

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