Quick Hit: Civics on Sunday

The Chili family traveled to our state’s capitol today to see the President.  Turns out, we got to see two of them:

That’s where the Chili family set up camp, and that’s President Clinton at the podium (I couldn’t find an image with President Obama that included a wide enough angle to catch our position.  I borrowed the original image from The Obama Diary (which I love, by the way; GORGEOUS pictures and lots of great information).  His speech was everything we’ve come to expect from Mr. Clinton; funny, pointy, and passionate.  Poor guy seems a little tired, though, and sounded a bit hoarse.  I’m betting he’ll be up for a nice, long vacation come November 7th.

President Obama was on.  He continues to inspire my admiration; he’s level-headed, thoughtful, articulate, genuine, and enthusiastic.  He speaks about people like people, not as abstract ideas (or, worse, something icky to be tolerated only when absolutely necessary).  He asked us, pointedly, for our support; he understands that this thing isn’t in the bag until people get out and vote.

I’m already on the list to volunteer to drive people to the polls on Tuesday.

It was a long day, strangely reminiscent of Inauguration Day nearly four years ago; it was cold (though a good deal warmer than it was that January morning), there were a LOT of people (if I’m not mistaken, it’s being billed as the biggest political rally in the state’s history, though we were not nearly as many as we were that January morning.  Also?  We met some of our neighbors among all those people, and I can see them becoming friends), and there was a lot of excitement.  I’m really glad we went, and I came out of the experience more confident than ever that we’re going to give President Obama his job back.

Fired up!  Ready to go!


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One response to “Quick Hit: Civics on Sunday

  1. Kwizgiver

    You were so close!!!

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