Ten Things Tuesday

Ten reasons I voted to reelect the President.


1.  The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and a commitment to equal rights for women across every spectrum of our lives.

2.  The end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the approaching demise of DOMA.

3.  The end of the Iraq War, the approaching end of the Afghanistan War, and a clear, calm, and level-headed manner of dealing with crisis and conflict.

4.  Expanded Pell Grants, student loan protections, and a commitment to excellence in education.

5.  A significant weakening of Al Qaeda, including the elimination of a number of key leaders in the organization.

6.  The Stimulus, which averted a complete meltdown of the financial system, and a continued commitment to economic security.

7.  Healthcare reform, which, despite not being fully implemented yet, is making real people’s lives better right this very second.

8.  The Supreme Court.  He protected two liberal seats with his appointments of Kagan and Sotomayor; I want him in office when / if any new vacancies come up in the Court.

9.  Banking reform.  Even though we’re still a LONG way from being set with this, Obama continues to insist that banks engage in fair, transparent, and ethical practices.  Credit card reform, proprietary trading, eliminating subsidies to middlemen in private education loans; he’s working to protect middle class families’ financial dealings.

10.  He is the first man in my lifetime that I’ve been proud to call my President.  He’s decent and ethical.  He’s straightforward and honest.  He is warm and approachable and good.  He speaks clearly and well, and I’m not embarrassed whenever he approaches a microphone.  He’s improved our relationships with the rest of the world through his demeanor and his character.

I’m looking forward to four more years with this man as my President.


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