Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Wow, you guys!  What a ride!


ALL of the marriage questions went the way I wanted them to – Maine, Washington, and Maryland passed marriage equality, and Minnesota defeated their anti-equality question!

It’s a very, very good day.



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4 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. I prayed all day yesterday that peoplewould do the right thing and stand up for equality. I’m so thrilled they did.

  2. Kwizgiver

    I am so proud of my state. Now if the Governor would just keep his mouth shut for the next two years…

  3. L B

    I love that you love like you love! The power of you, the power of us, helps make these natural changes just get on and evolve! Much love, and many hugs from here.

  4. Mark

    1/10th of the way there.

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